All we need to know I learned from outdoor adventure

4 icefield campingHow does a disco princess who grew up in Mon­treal pur­su­ing extreme fash­ion and high-end dance moves become one of the Cana­dian Rock­ies’ most pro­lific moun­tain writers?

Since she first vis­ited Banff in the 1980s, Lynn has climbed up and skied and snow­boarded down 11,000-foot Rock­ies peaks, kayaked across glacier-fed back­coun­try lakes, explored far into the Rock­ies wilder­ness on back­pack­ing and horse­back jour­neys, ven­tured deep inside the caves of Grotto Moun­tain and tented at 10,000 feet in minus 30 C tem­per­a­tures on the Colum­bia Icefield.

Along the way she’s estab­lished her­self as an author­ity on the unique cul­ture of out­door adven­ture that shapes the dis­tinct world of the Cana­dian Rock­ies, author­ing 11 books on the places, the peo­ple and their bold accom­plish­ments that make the Rock­ies one of the world’s most intrigu­ing phys­i­cal and cul­tural landscapes.

Like any moun­tain expe­di­tion, Martel’s jour­ney unfolded one step at a time. Learn how a fashion-conscious urban disco girl grew to be an accom­plished moun­tain writer and out­door adven­turer, and what those adven­tures taught her along the way.