A Golden Mountain Tale

Syd Feuz lived his life as a man born of the moun­tains. Grow­ing up with sev­en sib­lings, he walked miles to school, in sun­shine or deep snow. The son of Swiss-born moun­tain guide, Wal­ter Feuz, Syd scram­bled up ridges to stand on sum­mits with his father and uncles, gain­ing the skills that would allow him to begin work­ing as a ski guide by the age of six­teen. He served his coun­try in the navy dur­ing World War II, and ran a bulk fuel busi­ness for two decades that was essen­tial to the econ­o­my and liveli­hood of the Colum­bia Val­ley through the 1950s, ’60s and ear­ly ’70s. Then in his fifties, Syd began a 28-year career guid­ing skiers for Pur­cell Heli-Ski­ing, shar­ing the pre­cious wilder­ness of his back­yard Pur­cells and Rocky moun­tains. As a sec­ond gen­er­a­tion guide, Syd embod­ied the val­ues of tak­ing on job and not just doing it well, but doing it right.

Truck dri­ver, sailor, hotel pro­pri­etor, gas jock­ey, boat dri­ver, horse­man, trail builder and ski guide, Syd embraced every job that came his way with enthu­si­asm, grat­i­tude and humil­i­ty.

Syd Feuz is not just the world’s first Cana­di­an-Swiss guide, he’s a true gen­tle­man of the moun­tains

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