For more than 25 years, I’ve been writing articles for magazines, newspapers and journals that chronicle life in the fascinating mountain world and other natural landscapes, and that celebrate and expose how everything in nature is inextricably connected.

Science / Nature 

Alber­ta Views — Good­bye to Pey­to Glac­i­er

Crow­foot Media — John E. Mar­riott web series expos­es wildlife issues

explore — A Very Busy (Dis­ap­pear­ing) Glac­i­er

Rocky Moun­tain Out­look — Cana­di­an con­di­tions reflect­ed in IPCC report

Whistler Pique — High Moun­tain Sum­mit deliv­ers Call to Action

Rocky Moun­tain Out­look — Glac­i­er Adven­ture leads to sci­en­tif­ic first

Cana­di­an Geo­graph­ic – Snow Sonar

Rocky Moun­tain Out­look — Researchers drill Arc­tic ice cores

Crow­foot Media – Karsten Heuer: A life shaped by the Y2Y vision

Alber­ta Views – Cash Flow

Rocky Moun­tain Out­look – Mag­ic of Burgess Shale con­tin­ues to amaze

Whistler Pique – Sci­en­tists gath­er at Rock­ies research site

Rocky Moun­tain Out­look – Wolver­ine study yields valu­able fur and facts


Mountain News / Culture

Cana­di­an Rock­ies Annu­al — Lead­ing the Way

Crow­foot Media — Three Things I’ve Learned Lloyd “Kiwi” Gal­lagher

Rocky Moun­tain Out­look — Banff Cen­tre pre­serves Ever­est 1982 archives

Whistler Pique — Back­coun­try huts pro­vide com­fort, cama­raderie

Crow­foot Media – High­er Love and the Quest to Ski Ever­est

Explore – Pro­file: Sarah Hueniken

High­line – Nan­cy Hansen’s Rad­i­cal Approach

Crow­foot Media – Three Things I’ve Learned: Richard Guy

Whistler Pique – Jum­bo: Skiers’ dream or B.C. tax­pay­ers’ sink­hole?

High­line – Glen Boles Moun­tain Mas­ter­piece p. 21

Up! – The Love of Adven­ture

Expe­ri­ence the Moun­tain Parks – Canada’s moun­tain guides cel­e­brate 50 years of excel­lence

Whistler Pique – Ever­est ebook cel­e­brates climb­ing, pub­lish­ing firsts

Whistler Pique – The pack came back-much lat­er


Adventure / Travel

Cana­di­an Rock­ies Annu­al — Into the Depths

Whistler Pique – Trav­el­ling off the beat­en pave­ment

Expe­ri­ence Moun­tain Parks — Via Fer­ra­ta alpine adven­ture

Expe­ri­ence Moun­tain Parks – Bird­ing in the Rock­ies

Cal­gary Her­ald – High Peru­vian Andes are spec­tac­u­lar

Rocky Moun­tain Out­look – Artist shares love of glac­i­ers

Whistler Pique – Win­ter Auro­ra ignite icy north­ern sky

Whistler Pique – Yucatan’s cenotes reveal under­ground trea­sure