For more than 25 years, I’ve been writ­ing arti­cles for mag­a­zines, news­pa­pers and jour­nals that chron­i­cle life in the fas­ci­nat­ing moun­tain world and oth­er nat­ur­al land­scapes, and that cel­e­brate and expose how every­thing in nature is inex­tri­ca­bly con­nect­ed.

Science / Nature 

Crow­foot Media — John E. Mar­riott web series expos­es wildlife issues

explore — A Very Busy (Dis­ap­pear­ing) Glac­i­er

Rocky Moun­tain Out­look — Cana­di­an con­di­tions reflect­ed in IPCC report

Whistler Pique — High Moun­tain Sum­mit deliv­ers Call to Action

Rocky Moun­tain Out­look — Glac­i­er Adven­ture leads to sci­en­tif­ic first

Cana­di­an Geo­graph­ic – Snow Sonar

Rocky Moun­tain Out­look — Researchers drill Arc­tic ice cores

Crow­foot Media – Karsten Heuer: A life shaped by the Y2Y vision

Alber­ta Views – Cash Flow

Rocky Moun­tain Out­look – Mag­ic of Burgess Shale con­tin­ues to amaze

Whistler Pique – Sci­en­tists gath­er at Rock­ies research site

Rocky Moun­tain Out­look – Wolver­ine study yields valu­able fur and facts


Mountain News / Culture

Cana­di­an Rock­ies Annu­al — Lead­ing the Way

Crow­foot Media — Three Things I’ve Learned Lloyd “Kiwi” Gal­lagher

Rocky Moun­tain Out­look — Banff Cen­tre pre­serves Ever­est 1982 archives

Whistler Pique — Back­coun­try huts pro­vide com­fort, cama­raderie

Crow­foot Media – High­er Love and the Quest to Ski Ever­est

Explore – Pro­file: Sarah Hueniken

High­line – Nan­cy Hansen’s Rad­i­cal Approach

Crow­foot Media – Three Things I’ve Learned: Richard Guy

Whistler Pique – Jum­bo: Skiers’ dream or B.C. tax­pay­ers’ sink­hole?

High­line – Glen Boles Moun­tain Mas­ter­piece p. 21

Up! – The Love of Adven­ture

Expe­ri­ence the Moun­tain Parks – Canada’s moun­tain guides cel­e­brate 50 years of excel­lence

Whistler Pique – Ever­est ebook cel­e­brates climb­ing, pub­lish­ing firsts

Whistler Pique – The pack came back-much lat­er


Adventure / Travel

Cana­di­an Rock­ies Annu­al — Into the Depths

Whistler Pique – Trav­el­ling off the beat­en pave­ment

Expe­ri­ence Moun­tain Parks — Via Fer­ra­ta alpine adven­ture

Expe­ri­ence Moun­tain Parks – Bird­ing in the Rock­ies

Cal­gary Her­ald – High Peru­vian Andes are spec­tac­u­lar

Rocky Moun­tain Out­look – Artist shares love of glac­i­ers

Whistler Pique – Win­ter Auro­ra ignite icy north­ern sky

Whistler Pique – Yucatan’s cenotes reveal under­ground trea­sure