Stories of Ice: Adventure, Commerce and Creativity on Canada’s Glaciers





Canada has more glacier ice than anywhere except Greenland and Antarctica. And like glaciers and icefields around the world, they are melting.

In western Canada, glaciers and icefields are places where people work, run businesses, create art, conduct scientific studies and pursue exciting adventures, every single day.

I first sparked the idea for Stories of Ice in 2014, while road tripping in northern British Columbia. Glaciers have long fascinated me, and over the decades I have written many newspaper and magazine articles that featured people’s activities on glaciers.

I’ve accompanied scientists on their work missions to study glaciers. I’ve joined artists, photographers, writers and filmmakers on their glacier explorations as they pursued projects and created art featuring glaciers and the icefields they descend from like frozen rivers.

I have interviewed adventurers about long expeditions they have embarked on skiing across glaciers for weeks or months. And I’ve enjoyed many adventures of my own on glaciers — frozen fingers sometimes included — some days skiing into winds fierce enough to push me over, other days in sublime sunny conditions with temperatures warm enough to lounge on the deck of a remote high alpine hut.

On that road trip, in one of those fateful explosions of inspiration, I envisioned sharing a collection of stories that shows glaciers — specifically western Canada’s — to be so much more than masses of ice melting on the landscape.

A book that celebrates glaciers as places where people experience nature at her most mysterious, fascinating and exciting, and at her most fragile as our planet warms. And I’m thrilled that so many talented photographers were excited to share their photos, and their own love and awe for our glaciers, with me. For you.

“With the state of global ice constantly in the news, Lynn Martel examines Canadian glaciers to uncover their secrets and their future.

From a mother/daughter duo who spent five months skiing across icefields from Vancouver to Alaska, to scientists discovering biofilms deep inside glacier caverns, to protesters camping for weeks to protect their beloved local glacier, western Canada’s glaciers are dynamic, enigmatic, exquisitely beautiful, sometimes dangerous environments where people play, work, run businesses, explore, and create art every single day.

Lynn Martel is one of them. With gorgeous images by some of the country’s best outdoor photographers, Stories of Ice shares the excitement, the mystery, and the wonder of Canada’s glaciers and poses questions about their future.”

Published by Rocky Mountain Books.